Aloha mai kakou!

My name is Mele Kalama-Kingma, I am from Ka'elepulu, in the ahupua'a of Kailua, Oahu. I started my company, Mamalani, while working at the Waimānalo Health Center as a dietitian. I had just given birth to my second child and noticed a difference in my underarm odor. I heard my friends using their baby powder as a deodorant and since I just had a child I figured this would be really easy to try. However, I was not satisfied with the ingredients in the baby powder, so I decided to create my own. It was at the same time two of my aunties were diagnosed with breast cancer, and I learned of the harmful effects that aluminum and artificial preservatives had on our health. Thus, my research, experimentation and enlightenment process began, and Mamalani was born in July 2012.

The foundational value of my company is to uphold the values of my ancestors by respecting our land and our people.

I was blessed with the vision to create all-natural deodorants from my kupuna wahine, Mama Lani, who used to powder me and my five girl cousins after we showered.  I remember the scent of the powder and the look of my grandmother's face when she smiled at us. She taught me hula, oli and pule as a young girl as well as the true meaning of Aloha.   In my products I blend the traditions of my family to the forefront with organic and nutritious ingredients that keep us all smelling fresh every single day.

The ingredients I use include:

  • Organic and GMO-free Arrowroot Powder - the Hawaiian plant is Pia or Hawaiian Arrowroot and we use the highest quality, USDA certified organic Arrowroot (Maranta Arundicae).  This plant contributes a soft texture while absorbing the body's naturally occurring oils and odor
  • ‘Olena - Hawaiian Turmeric, grows in Hawaii and powdered by kupuna.  I use this in everything because my kupuna used it to heal...spiritually and physically it is an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
  • Organic Essential Oils - Our essential oils come from the highest quality flowers and are all certified organic.  Essential oils have healing properties and are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
  • Aluminum-free - our deodorants do not contain aluminum or any other kind of preservative
  • Powder - using powdered ingredients allows for longer storage time as well as eliminates any need for a preservative or artificial chemical.  Powder also is great in the hot weather of Hawaii in which it will not melt and you can apply it anywhere; underarms, feet, shoes, inner thighs, etc.

My grandmother, Mama Lani, always reminded me to treat one another and the land with ALOHA and to always stay focused on sharing with others that gift. (A picture of my grandmother below)

Thus, each of the powders is named after one letter in the word ALOHA.   

  • A stands for ʻAkahai - Kindness to be expressed with feelings of Tenderness
  • L stands for Lōkahi - Unity to be expressed with feelings of Harmony
  • O stands for ʻOluʻOlu - Agreeable to be expressed with feelings of Pleasantness
  • H stands for Haʻahaʻa- Humility to be expressed with feelings of Modesty
  • A stands for Ahonui - Patience to be expressed with feelings of Perseverance

The products I continue to handmake are created with pure intentions of Aloha not just for the consumer but also with respect to our ancestors, our land and our people. Aloha no!

Mahalo Ke Akua (thank you to Our Creator) for our blessings...
     "ʻAno ʻai kou alahele,"(May your way be blessed)
Mele Kalama-Kingma, Owner
PO Box 342053
Kailua, HI 96734

Please contact us at or call 808-741-6515.  Mahalo!



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