Mamalani Artisan Gift Box

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Featuring all our most popular items in a beautifully printed Haley Kailiehu mailer box ready to be sent to you or anyone you love.  Featuring her art series called, "Hooulu Aina, Hooulu Lahui."  Value: $56


Keala Deodorant stick $12

Our most popular product!  A natural smooth and creamy deodorant stick with all the good stuff and no artificial anything.  This scent features our partner farm The Vetiver Farms Hawaii, Local Hawaii beeswax and locally sourced Cocoa Butter.  Organic Coconut Oil. Organic Cocoa Butter. Organic Beeswax. Baking Soda. Organic Arrowroot. Organic Essential Oils of Lavender, Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil.

Lokahi Deodorant Body Powder $12

All natural talc free body powder is free of talc, gluten and grain. This simple natural dusting powder absorbs excess moisture, as well as functioning as a gentle antifungal powder and deodorant, and soothing any irritation. Great as a shoe powder as well.  Lokahi means Unity to be expressed with feelings of Harmony.  Our harmonious blend of all-time favorite Lavender, calming Clary Sage and fruity, uplifting Grapefruit makes this our most popular scent. 

Hiamoe and Eleu Laau Ala Oil Blends $28

Haley Kailiehu

In 2009, Haley graduated from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa with a BA in Art, with a focus in Drawing and Painting.  In 2012, Haley acquired an MEdT (Masters in Education and Teaching) from the Hoʻokulāiwi Center for Native Hawaiian and Indigenous Education.  Her study was focused on looking at ways in which art education could serve as a pathway for our Native Hawaiian haumāna (students) to connect to and become more aware our moʻolelo (histories) and traditions and thus of their own kuleana (responsibilities) within their own lives and communities.  Currently, Haley is pursuing a PhD in Education with a focus in Curriculum Studies. As an artist and researcher she is currently interested and invested in creating community centered and ‘āina rich experiences that allow the current and future generations of Kanaka ʻŌiwi to (re)learn and assert their kuleana, (re)establish connections to our moʻolelo and kūpuna (ancestors), and (re)affirm our rightful place in our homeland.

Haley is very passionate about community- and ʻāina- based mural projects and has spent years dedicating time and energy towards developing her methods and approach to community building and education through art. Haley has played an integral role in designing and implementing several community- and ʻāina- based mural projects that have involved more than a thousand people from various communities throughout the Pae ʻĀina (Hawaiian archipelago).  Such community-generated works of art include the Puʻuokapolei Mural at the Kapolei Regional Park in 2010, the Mauna a Wākea Mural at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa in 2013, the Alehe Lā Mural at the University of Hawaiʻi Maui College in 2014, the Hiʻiakaikapoliopele at Makua Valley Mural in Waiʻanae in 2014, the ʻUmi-a-Līloa Mural at Paʻauilo School in 2015, and the Nā Wai ʻEhā Mural at Waiheʻe School in 2016.  Her most recent work with her home community of Hāmākua developed a mural that depicts the moʻolelo of ʻUmi-a-Līloa, an important aliʻi born and raised in Hāmākua whose reign established a self-sustaining, highly productive, and unified society on this island generations ago.  The mural will be mounted at the local Paʻauilo Elementary & Intermediate School where it will serve as a constant educational tool for current and future generations of haumana to learn from.

Since 2012, Haley has illustrated drawings that can be found in and on the covers of published works today.  Books that she contributed her work to include The Value of Hawaiʻi II: Ancestral Roots, Oceanic Visions printed by the University of Hawaii Press and Ancestral Places: Understanding Kanaka Geographies written by Katrina-Ann Kapā Olivera.  Her work can also be found regularly published as illustrations for the republication of the moʻolelo of ʻUmi-a-Līloa in the local Hāmākua Times and Hui Mālama i ke Ala ʻŪlili’s website.  The most recently published works that feature Haley’s paintings on their covers include the Hawaiʻi Review Journal titled “Muliwai,” and the Hawaiʻinuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge’s Monograph entitled, Kanaka ʻŌiwi Methodologies: Moʻolelo and Metaphor.