Mamalani Artisan Gift Box

By mamalani

What's Inside

Keala Deodorant stick $13

Our most popular product!  A natural smooth and creamy deodorant stick with all the good stuff and no artificial anything.  This scent features our partner farm The Vetiver Farms Hawaii, Local Hawaii beeswax and locally sourced Cocoa Butter.  Organic Coconut Oil. Organic Cocoa Butter. Organic Beeswax. Baking Soda. Organic Arrowroot. Organic Essential Oils of Lavender, Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil.

Lokahi Deodorant Body Powder, travel size $8

All natural talc free body powder is free of talc, gluten and grain. This simple natural dusting powder absorbs excess moisture, as well as functioning as a gentle antifungal powder and deodorant, and soothing any irritation. Great as a shoe powder as well.  Lokahi means Unity to be expressed with feelings of Harmony.  Our harmonious blend of all-time favorite Lavender, calming Clary Sage and fruity, uplifting Grapefruit makes this our most popular scent. 

Hiamoe Oil Blend $16