`Iliahi Wai

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Hawaii has six unique sandalwood species that exist nowhere else in the world. The prized and fragrant sandalwood tree once grew in abundance in Hawaii.Haloa ‘Aina Farms is a company planting new sandalwood or `iliahi in a sustainable way.  This place is Hawaii's largest `Iliahi operation and provides us with our hydrosol.   Sandalwood Hydrosol soothes irritation, both physically and emotionally.  It is fantastic for the skin.
  • Protects wounds, sores, boils, pimples etc. from infections and from getting septic when applied on the skin
  • Balancing to the central nervous system and the skin
  • Useful in treating acne, and useful in soothing a rash
  • Mildly anti-inflammatory
  • Lifts depression
  • Calms the nervous and circulatory systems
  • Clears the energetic field
Spritz on areas in need.  When not in use, store in a cool dark place.  A refrigerator is great!