Vetiver Wai

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This Hawaiian Vetiver collected for distillation is cared for by hoof and hand. Stream watered from a nearby waterfall from birth to the cleaning of the roots 2 years later. The plants are surrounded by the sounds of birds,water and sometimes music. The distillation is done in a hand hammered copper still from Portugal. This process takes 12-18 hours.

Vetiver Hydrosol is unique and beautiful on all levels. Vetiver essential oil is known as the oil of Tranquility and the hydrosol supplies the same peaceful, grounding effect.  Use for depression, asthenia, irritation and mood swings by misting on the face or sipping in water. It has the same cooling, peaceful and hydrating effects of Vetiver essential oil. Absolutely fantastic for the skin.  Saturating your skin with this hydrosol can instantly restore suppleness, hydration and vitality to skin that suffers from dehydration, heat and rash.

This cooling, sensational scent can be used to freshen you up by spraying on your face, neck, hands and body.

Thearapeutic and Energetic Uses of Vetiver Hydrosol:

  • Cooling to the skin, reducing inflammation, redness and itching.
  • It seems to draw moisture to the skin making it invaluable for mature skin,  in dry climates and for the dryness of  heated winter homes.
  • Combined with frankincense intensifies its anti-wrinkle effects
  • May be supportive of  the immune and endocrine systems.
  • Add to water and consume before or after a meal. Digestive stimulant by increasing release of amylase and pancreatic enzymes, cleansing the liver and reducing bloat and gas.
  • Gives one a sense of calm allowing emotional processing without fear
  • Dispels heat from anger bringing a cool, clear perspective on emotional issues that were previously clouded by resentment or hurt
  • Great aid to meditation, supporting both  focus and intention, clarifying goals and allowing us to move forward with a sense of ‘knowing’
When not in use, store in a cool dark place.  A refrigerator is great!