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many uses.


There are many ways you can use our products!

Shake before you use our powders. To open sifter push hard on the small circle or use a pen to push through. 

1. As an overall body powder, an alternative to lotion, use this after you shower on your chest, neck, arms, feet, etc. to have a nice and pleasant smell.

2.  As a deodorant, apply a dime size amount directly onto the armpits using your hands, powder puff or blush brush.

3. As anti-chafing rub, use on any area of chafing or rubbing to aid with rash or prevent rash from happening.

4. As foot and toe jam deodorant, pour directly into your shoes or socks, and you can also rub into your feet.

5. As a sprinkle to enhance your sleep area, you can powder your beds and pillows before you go to sleep and also sprinkle a little on before you wash your sheets to give it a nice smell.

6. As a dry shampoo, you can pour direclty onto your roots or use your hand and rub into your scalp.  Leave it in overnight as it will absorb the oils and you can brush it out when you are finished.

Get creative! It's safe, non-toxic and ok to use on different parts of your body. 

 *If for some reason you have an adverse reaction to a certain part of your body, try one of the other ways*