Our giving nature

Mamalani was a woman who believed in sharing aloha with the world.  She not only raised eleven children, but she taught anyone and everyone who wanted to learn hula.  The legacy she left was one of giving.  We participate in community events, product sponsorships, giveaways, and donations whenever possible.  Here is a list of some of the things we have done and the community partners we have done them with:

  • Ho'okua'āina - monetary donation, First Aid salve making and Bug Spray fundraiser event
  • Hālau ku mana - Charter school voyaging fundraiser salve making
  • New Hope Canoe Club - donations for Mokaueo island fundraiser
  • New Hope Church - monetary donation
  • Hale Kealoha + Koʻolau ʻAina Momona - monetary donation to feed (2) kupuna
  • Mauna Kea - foot powder, salves and deodorant donations
  • H.U.L.I - a non-profit organization for peaceful protest, monetary donation
  • KAHEA - an environmental stewardship alliance, monetary donation
  • Kaʻohao Elementary School - product making and product donations