I know you make wonderful products with pure,  simple ingredients.  I was trying to stay away from fragrances, and it was recommended that I avoid antioxidants during my treatment.  I was also afraid I might develop allergies.  So ... I was keeping things plain and simple, although I am anxious to get back to trying new things.
I so much appreciate your kindness and concern!  I love your boxes ... the items are so special and beautiful.  I love the non-beauty items also, like the moon phase planner for January.  Each product you have is like a special gift!  Every box is clearly created with such intention, care, and love.

Thank you for making such lovely products.  I purchased your deodorizing powder while on a trip to beautiful Hawaii and fell in love with it.  I will continue ordering your products.  In fact, I'm on my second online order.  :)  Have a great day! 


I love your product!  I am super happy to have your product for my daughter who is just old enough to be getting smelly these days.  It's awesome to have something that works to keep her from stinking but isn't toxic to her little pure body...


It really works! Nothing worked for me, but your Ha'aha'a with Fenugreek Powder really took my odor away.


I have been sleeping well with the Hiamoe Sleepytime Body Powder.  I wake up in the middle of the night and still smell the sandalwood."


I must say I got your product at the Made in Hawaii festival and its amazing!!!!!!!! It works and its all natural thank you ♥


I wanted to see what other uses the body powder could have so I sprinkled them on my sheets for my client during a massage and she loved it!