Hōano La`au Facial Powder

By Mamalani


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A great translucent facial powder for softening pores, absorbing excess oils and providing anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin.   Perfect for all skin tones.  Doubles as a finishing powder that maintains a satin smooth finish that keeps pores and uneven surface texture concealed. Melts into skin and perfectly matches any skin tone, providing an "invisible" matte look. Can be used as a setting powder and improves the finish of foundation and makeup wear.


Sandalwood, one of the main trees that once populated most of the islands is making a comeback with efforts by Haloa Aina. We add in sustainably grown Hawaiian Sandalwood for its powerful grounding and smoothing abilities and Lavender for its anti-aging benefits.

Ingredients: Bentonite clay, Organic Arrowroot, Hawaiian Sandalwood Powder and Hawaiian Sandalwood and Lavender Essential Oil, 1oz


Start at the center of the face, sweep down and out blending into skin before you start the day or after applying a natural foundation makeup.  Comes in a bamboo jar with powder puff and sifter.