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Lokahi Care Set

Lokahi Care Set


To have unity and harmony in the body, we need to take care of the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of health.  This gift box contains products that take care of the skin, take care of the na'au, and take care of the spirit.

Olena Honey by Ho'ola Honey is a great daily supplement for the na'au.

Olena Oil by Honua Skincare is for everything skin, especially skin conditions.  

Pule Roller is for grounding the spirit.

'Olena Honey 6oz $12.75

This healing honey is a powerful anti-inflammatory and can aid in improved digestion. A spoonful a day really can do wonders! Mix in warm water with citrus to make a tea, add to smoothies, or get creative with your recipes.

Raw Hoʻōla honey is mixed in small batches with premium Kohala grown ʻōlena along with ginger & black pepper to help with absorption of curcumin, the active ingredient naturally found in turmeric.

'Olena Beauty Oil 1oz $48

Enjoy our traditionally crafted oil infused by the healing sun with a unique blend of super plants, including noni, turmeric, kukui nut and kamani oils. This multi-tasking beauty oil gets to the root of all skin issues to help heal dry skin, rosacea and even acne-prone skin.  'Ōlena Beauty Oil soaks into skin quickly, leaving you with a healthy glow!   

Directions: Dispense 1-2 drops on clean skin and massage all over face and décolleté.  May be used morning and night. 

Pule Oil 10ml $18

Hawaiian Sandalwood, Frankincense and Myrrh in Local Sunflower oil makes a beautiful roller for grounding the spirit and nourishing the soul.  Use anytime of the day on the back of the neck, bottom of feet, inhale, smell or on the temples.





It is a pleasure to have you a part of our Mamalani 'ohana.  My name is Mele and I'm mother of three and founder/handmaker of Mamalani.  I am born and raised in Kailua, Oahu and my family has been in Hawaii for centuries. 

Watch this video now featured on Hawaiian Airlines about my company

My grandfather was an inventor and avid fishermen who taught me how to care for the land and sea.  My grandmother was a hula teacher who taught me how to care for others with aloha.  The love my kupuna had for Hawai`i was ingrained in me and needless to say, I love Hawai`i with all my heart!

I have always had a natural interest in healthy lifestyles as I grew up across the street from Kailua beach and was either surfing, canoe paddling or swimming.  I went to college to learn about nutrition and became a Registered Dietitian in 2008.  I started working in the hospital and food service settings and then at community health centers whose main population were Native Hawaiians.

My health interest piqued when I worked as a cultural nutritionist in which I learned how plant foods and plant medicines were one in the same!  It was at the same time that I started having children and noticed changes in my body and skin that were new to me.  I started to smell in ways I wasn't used to and had to start using deodorant more regularly than before.  I experimented with a body powder as my first underarm deodorant after realizing that powder is a very useful application for the hot and humid lifestyle we have in Hawaii!  I also researched the ingredients most commonly found in deodorants.  It was then that I felt the need to merge both my traditional plant knowledge and nutrition background to create Mamalani in 2012.  

I decided to name my company, Mamalani, after one of the most influential people in my life, my grandmother.  Her nickname was "Mamalani," which also translates to mean, "woman who reveres heaven." Our logo represents the connection that we as Hawaiians have with the heavens and earth.  We represent the traditions of our ancestors while also merging the needs of modern day.  I have created a line of natural body products that use the best the land has to offer while also valuing our resources; you will see this in our packaging efforts.  

A very crucial part of our success is based on the abundance of our land and its people. 

Mahalo nui loa,

Mele Kalama-Kingma, Owner and Handmaker






Hawaiian deodorant
Our land or ʻĀina is a most precious gift and we should do our best to mālama (take care) of it.  We are a solar-powered facility in Kailua, Oahu in which we built a workshop on the outside of our home patio to save on transportation and and fuel.  We take waste and filler seriously and always do our best to reuse what can be used. 
We house our deodorant sticks in 100% compostable cardboard that will biodegrade in the compost garden.  For our body powders we use tree free labels, but are looking for more mindful solutions when it comes to using plastic. 
Even down to our business cards we print using recycled paper and use the mini sizes!  Let's just say that we love our land and want to keep it as clean as possible for future generations.  
For some extra information here are some facts about different types of packaging and their effects on the land and sea.
GREEN packaging
We use recycled paper tubes and caps because it is most energy efficient and biodegradable.  Here are more facts:
Aluminum Cans
Very High