Mamalama Postpartum Care Box
Mamalama Postpartum Care Box

Mamalama Postpartum Care Box

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A one-time gift box for expecting mothers or new mothers.  This box intention to tell them, "You are Amazing, you overcame and are a light of this world." With products to care for their body, mind and spirit needs it comes with six products and in a beautiful artwork piece by Kapeka Forges.  In collaboration with Meghan Leialoha Au of Puulaau Remedies we offer the essentials a new mom or mom-to-be the following:

1. Mamalani Eleu oil blend

2. Mamalani Hiamoe oil blend

3. Puulaau Remedies Mindful Mama oil blend

Mind-full Mama Sage Elevation is an oil laau inspired by three strong & wonderful wāhine for both its uses and ingredients. This oil hones in on emotional and spiritual care by fine-tuning & focusing the mind while uplifting & comforting the soul emotionally. Enjoy externally by applying a few drops to your temples, scalp, neck, shoulders & heart space for Sage Elevation.

Ingredients: Organic oils of olive, castor, coconut infused with māmaki*, pohe kula*, blue vervain*, nīoi*, rose hips`; organic/gmo + pesticide free essential oils of vetiver, sage, geranium, ylang ylang, frankincense, bergamot, clary sage, roman chamomile.

4. Mamalani Lokahi body powder 1oz

5. Puulaau Remedies Aila Kohe Lemu Perineum Spray

After giving birth, our own healing needs as women change. I found that I cherished a friend's peri spray gift as a daily part of my healing. After the first bottle emptied, it was refilled with an attempt at harmonizing a blend of 'āina-infused aila with a few chosen essential oils. And just recently I was blessed to share this Waiāhole Warriors version with super-mama friend after the birth of her 3rd keiki.

Ingredients: Organic oils of olive & coconut, castor infused with noni*, 'oliwa kū kahakai*, lemongrass*, laukahi*, nīoi*, oregano*, basil*, aloe*, 'ōlena*, comfrey*, O/FT cocoa butter`, gmo + pesticide free helichrysum, geranium, lavender, frankincense, wild orange + tea tree essential oils.

6. Puulaau Remedies Mama and Ohana Body butter

BODY BUTTER FOR MAMA + OHANA: As our own families’ hapai belly grew into the 2nd trimester, it inspired the OLA•KINO Body Butter for our Mamas + ohana + community in these precious stages of life. This laau is designed to nourish and heal growing parts and can be lovingly applied to thighs, opu and breasts during 2nd, 3rd and 4th (post-partum) seasons for skin nourishment, healing + repairing stretch marks and scars.

Ingredients: organic oils of olive + niu infused with Waiahole grown laukahi, popolo, pohe kula, aloe; organic/gmo + pesticide free essential oils of helichrysum, lavender, bergamot, frankincense, geranium; O/FT shea + cocoa butters; local beeswax.

Mamalama Postpartum Care Box
Mamalama Postpartum Care Box