Body Powder Lokahi 1oz

By Mamalani


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Our harmonious blend of all-time favorite Lavender, calming Clary Sage and fruity, uplifting Grapefruit makes this our most popular scent. All natural talc free body powder is free of talc, gluten and grain. This simple natural dusting powder absorbs excess moisture, as well as functioning as a gentle antifungal powder and deodorant, and soothing any irritation. Great as a shoe powder as well.Lokahi means Unity to be expressed with feelings of Harmony.

In a bamboo container, 1oz.

Baking Soda,  Organic Arrowroot , Kaolin Clay, Taro Powder*, Organic Essentials Oils of Lavender, Grapefruit and Clary Sage. *Grown in Hawaii

All organic ingredients are USDA Certified Organic.  **Baking Soda is Aluminum-free. Grain free.  Gluten-free.  Vegan.  Cruelty free.  For external use only.


To apply: Open sifter top.  Go native and use hands under the armpit or any other area of unwanted odor.  A powder puff and/or blush brush will work too.  This product will last at least 2 months if used once or twice a day.