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Foot Powder 'Akahai

Foot Powder 'Akahai


Akahai - Lemongrass + Tea Tree Oil

Our local Lemongrass essential oil along with the rest of our formula relieves itch, absorbs moisture and controls foot odor.  Provides maximum strength itch relief.  To apply sprinkle directly into the shoes, socks or rub onto feet
*Absorbs excess moisture
*Helps control foot odor and odor-causing bacteria
*Cools and soothes irritated skin

This natural dusting powder absorbs excess moisture, as well as functioning as a gentle antifungal powder and deodorant, and soothing any irritation. Great as a shoe powder as well.

  • Baking Soda** 

  • Pia (Organic Arrowroot)*

  • Kaolin

  • Kalo Powder (Taro)

  • Organic Essential Oils of Lemongrass*

  • Tea Tree*

**Aluminum-free. *USDA Certified Organic. -For external use only.

Break open sifter. Sprinkle teaspoon amount of powder into shoes or rub directly into the feet.